PTC One Stop Shop at the 21st Defense & Sporting Arms Show

Taken from the AFAD website.

DSAS visitors may avail of following services for the duration of the show:

  1. PTCFOR by the Office of the Chief, PNP
  2. Neuro-Psychiatric Test by Health Services
  3. DI Clearance by the Directorate for Intelligence
  4. Drug Test by the Crime Laboratory
  5. Gun Safety Seminar (Lecture Part) by the CSG-FEO
  6. NBI Clearance by the National Bureau of Investigation


For convenience, visits are advised to bring:

  1. Six (6) pieces 2×2 ID pictures
  2. Residence Certificate (Cedula)


Other requirements for PTCFOR which need to be submitted are:

  2. Duty Status and Non pending Case (For Active Uniformed Personnel of AFP,PNP,BJMP,BFP & PCG)
  3. NSO- Birth Certificate & Senior Citizen ID (Original) (For Senior Senior Citizen)
  4. Appointment Order (For Gov’t Employee & Uniformed Personnel)
  5. AADT-Annual Active Duty Training & J9 Certification (Original) (For Reservist)
  6. Retirement Order and Retirees ID (For Retired Uniformed Personnel)
  7. Oath of Office (Original) (For Elected Officials)
  8. Threat Assessment (For new Applicants)
  9. Agency ID or Office ID
  10. Firearms License ID Card
  11. Old PTCFOR ID Card
  12. PNP Directorate for Intelligence Clearance (Original)
  13. NBI Clearance (Original)
  14. Municipal Trial Court Clearance
  15. Regional Trial Court Clearance
  16. Drug Test (PNP-Crime Laboratory)
  17. Neuro-Psychiatric Test (PNPPGH)

Battle of the Gun Clubs 2013

Team PBDionisio will participate in the Battle of the Gun Clubs 2013, to be held at Armscor Marikina Shooting Range from December 4 to 7, 2013.

The team will join 3 categories: Open, Production and Standard. Members interested in participating, please contact us at

Team P.B.Dionisio wins Best of the Best and the Battle of the Gun Clubs for 2012

Shown in Picture (From L to R): Paul Paulino, Yohan Tsoi, Daniel Jacinto, Jag Lejano.

Join the club today.